Highlights from Øredev 2014

November 11, 2014

One of the nice thing about the Øredev conference is that it is not only a conference about technology, but also about humanity and how technology is changing our lives. Below are some of my favorite sessions from last week.


A hot subject right now, and one that brings the Java and .NET communities together. I did a full day tutorial/workshop on AngularJS with Zach Briggs.

This session is close to what I imagine that listening to Chris Rock doing a gig on Javascript would be like.


Two really interesting sessions that make me wanna strap the tinfoil even tighter around my head.

Internet of Things

Continuous Delivery and Devops

Getting developers and operations together is all the rage, and there is a lot of talk about tools like Vagrant and Docker.

Functional programming

There was not that many sessions about Clojure this year, but Clojurescript seems to be gaining traction.

Arts and entertainment

I could not help but get starstruck listening to Neil Rodgers, doing some real impressive namedropping and laying down some funky riffs.

An analysis of the user interfaces in Spike Jonze’s movie.

Do we all spend each day in a world wide Turing test?

You can find a lot more good sessions on Øredev’s Vimeo site. Go check them out!